Squiggly Wiggly (Playgroup)– 2 years to 3.5 wonder years.
A toddler is curious to connect with his newfound world. It’s time now for play-way learning, social and emotional interdependencies, bonding, sharing and caring in a structured environment.
The child enters a familiar, friendly world that encircles and stimulates – song and movement welcome the child and the next 90 minutes are filled with short 5-minute spurts of activity. Designed to engage and hold attention, these activity sessions are just right for the curious young minds.
1.Kneading, Threading, Puzzle time, identification games and similar activities hone fine motor skills.
2.Themes and colors of the day provide coordinated activities that connect in interesting ways.
3.Watching theme videos bring in the multi-media advantage and engagement.
4.Art & crafts, Music and Yoga add another dimension to the activities.
5.Outdoor play that is monitored and structured make for a holistic experience.
6.Myriad activities in 90 minutes, end with the need and happy urge to return the next day.
Visit our playgroup one day. See for yourself how our methods create happy magic.
The Play Group: 1.5 hrs.  x 5 days.

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