Primary School – CAIE Grade 1 to 5
The Primary curriculum of SSF, under the CAIE stream, is comprehensive and robust and seamlessly takes the child on its journey of inquiry, exploration, and discovery that is student-centric and far removed from rote learning.
Experiential learning and projects are inbuilt in the SSF’s DNA and we use the best of these practices through the years. Having experienced discovery-based learning, and exploring using their unique intelligence, our children emerge confident, curious, creative and innovative every step of the way.
The CAIE stream allows for flexibility in learning methods, freeing up facilitator and learners time for more interactive learning. Even at the primary level, we encourage interschool participation in competitive events, inculcating sportsmanship and the spirit of playing to win and accepting the victory of the better performer of the moment.
Our international partnerships provide opportunities for virtual interaction with global schools and peers from diverse cultures. Our children work on collaborative projects even at this tender age and cheerfully apply their knowledge, steadily climbing the Bloom’s ladder of learning – from knowledge, too, comprehension, analysis, assimilation, and application.
Our children view learning as an adventure – not as a chore. The joy of learning results in the most enduring Learning Outcomes – it makes them critical thinkers, innovators, and learners for life.
SSF envisions a future where its young ones grow beyond their primary program, and fill the portals of its current infrastructure, designed to take in our children as they reach higher grades and the cusp of transition at Grade 12, A Levels.

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