Mom & Munchkins
Designed scientifically by senior instructional designers and early years’ specialists, our Mom & Munchkins program are a program for smart moms and happy babies.
Step into a beautifully appointed space that calls out love, affection, and attention from the word ‘go’. Experience a clean, safe space with a colorful and convenient environment for Mom & Munchkins.     Our specially trained facilitators, chosen carefully for their passion and aptitude to deal with early years and young moms are available to set aside time for each child and mom to feel included.
1.Mom & Munchkins for Young Moms & Babies – 6 months to 2 years

2.Come To Mom & Munchkins – 1 hr. a day, 3 days a week 60 mins at SSF M & M
Enjoy the most important months of your baby, in the right way. Nourish your baby’s mind and body with quality time and appropriate activities in the right ambiance.

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