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Mission & Vision

At SSF School we work tirelessly to ensure that:

The children’s learning experience is an enriching journey at SSFIS that prepares them for tomorrow.

To do so…

We keep the learner is at the center of everything we do at SSFIS.

Contemporary learning principles like active, experiential learning that spans multiple intelligences, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity will form the bedrock of the pedagogy at SSFIS

While internationalism will be encouraged, the focus on human values and what we cherish as Indians is also important for us.

Respect for cultural diversity and unity in diversity will underpin everything we do.

Addressing the needs of our diverse learners will be embedded in our pedagogy.

We would work to bring the best of global practices to SSFIS with the unswerving commitment to the continuous professional development of our teachers.

Inculcate values that would help them to be self-reliant responsive to changes, take calculated risks, manage complexity and be fair, just and democratic in everything they do.

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