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About School

About School

We are a young school with a commitment to grow and excel.

We place teaching and learning at the heart of everything we do. We believe that a strong academic programme enriched with purposeful co-curricular activities is critical to learner success. So we at SSFI pay a lot of attention to the curriculum and how it is delivered in our classrooms. Fortunately, the Cambridge Curriculum is benchmarked to best practices and has built-in rigor. But research shows that the most critical factor that impacts learner achievements is teaching quality. We are very conscious of this and hence Continuous Professional Development is an integral part of the school calendar

  1. Story Telling in the junior wing and a strong Reading Programme run through the entire curriculum, giving children lots of opportunities to express themselves and communicate.
  2. Circle Time is yet another forum for children to bond, share and build their emotional quotient.
  3. Co-curricular like dance, theatre, music are led by experts and our learners revel in them. They have greatly contributed to nurturing creativity, confidence and communication skills.
  4. Participating in project days, sports events, Olympiads or going on field trips contribute to holistic development.

But schooling is not about academics and passing grades alone. Children have to be happy coming to school. It has to be a place where they make friends, explore, experiment and learn to learn and work with others. We want our children to be happy, confident individuals with a passion for learning. We believe every child should feel valued and encouraged to achieve their very best in all aspects of life. Fortunately, Cambridge curriculum is not only benchmarked to best practices but also flexible allowing us to customize it to address our local needs and further our vision. Our vision for internationalism and core Indian values like tolerance, democracy, mutual respect, and tolerance are embedded in our curriculum through the co-curricular strand.

We believe that the support of parents and the local community is key to our success. We host regular coffee mornings and parenting workshops to promote engagement of parents in the learning of their children and the development of core values. We also host theatre shows, expert talks etc to cultivate purposeful links with schools in the community and life outside

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